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doctor who + text posts | part 1/? (tenth doctor edition)


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In a secluded area of Mount Hiei, shrouded in mist, the Japanese Institute for Magical Practices spirals gracefully into the sky. The school is a series of elegant pagodas built to impossible heights with a multitude of connecting bridges crisscrossing like a bird’s nest. On the ground is an elaborate garden with a sprinkling of ponds. A kaleidoscope of fish zigzag through the water, sometimes even taking to the air like birds due to rather peculiar abilities gained over time through overexposure to magic. Students often take immense pleasure in enchanting a cherry blossom downpour to trail people who have wronged them; the charm usually remains intact for well over a week unless a teacher takes pity upon the student and dispels the spell. While they have mastered wandless magic through the use of talismans, pockets of the Japanese wizarding community have slowly begun to adopt the use of wands following its rise in popularity all over the world, although wandless magic still takes precedence, and wands are more often tucked behind their ears or used to hold up their hair than to practice magic. 
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Marry for love, Georgiana. Marry the person your heart cries out for. And when you have that person, do not doubt them. Not for a single moment.

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I knew he was worried about me,
knew he wanted to talk about what

had happened, but I knew if I did, if
I started giving rein to my feelings,

things would pour out of me that I
     wanted to keep locked away

 f o r e v e r …

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Perhaps the most ancient school still in operation, the Egyptian School for Young Sorcerers is a grand palace disguised to muggle eyes as an insurmountable sand dune that no one has ever had the audacity to climb. In the heart of the palace is a spacious courtyard with a kaleidoscope of blossoming flowers, meandering cats oblivious to their surroundings, and pools of glimmering aquamarine filled with a continual supply of water drawn through underground tunnels from the Nile for leisure use on days when the heat is unbearable. The school boasts a vast chamber of books and scrolls (a number of which were salvaged from the library of Alexandria), some dating as far back as the age of Hatshepsut. Students can often be found draped lazily over chairs and large cushions reading for hours on end. According to rumoured legend, there is a concealed room with hieroglyphics holding spells to prolonging life and communing with the gods, although its discovery remains nigh impossible as (unbeknownst to students) its location changes every day, and those who have had the luck of stumbling upon it by accident often find themselves with a sudden academic dilemma in great need of immediate resolution (although they never seem to remember what it was that sent them stumbling through their professor’s doors). 
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Outlander (2014) First half of Season 1

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