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I guess I can retire now.

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samwise gamgee the kitty cat

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Joffrey Baratheon, costume appreciation.

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billie piper | glamour magazine uk | july 2014 (x)

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People will stare. Make it worth their while → Stéphane Rolland Haute Couture | F/W ‘12-‘13

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Originally located in Arnhem Land, The Australian College of Sorcery and Witchcraft was a sprawling campus of large huts that eventually coalesced into one single structure. The college detached from mainland Australia soon after British settlement in order maintain their practices and culture. Ever since, the school has been drifting haphazardly in the ocean, although it never strays far from the Australian coast for ancient magic keeps the school tethered to Australian soil. Every year, a team of witches and wizards must be employed to anchor the floating campus so students aren’t forced into a cat-and-mouse chase at the beginning of the year in order to attend school (a frustrating endeavour which often results in the postponing of classes due to a large number of absences). To students’ great enjoyment, various creatures (including the occasional mermaid) can often be found sunbathing around the perimeter of the campus which gently slopes into the water. Due to their exposure to unusually friendly oceanic creatures, the college boasts incredibly extensive courses in aquatic-life studies, and is held in high esteem by the international wizarding community for its innovations in water magic. 
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my very lacking-in-abilities-but-not-in-love attempt at a thing for you, dearest Hufflepuffs!  Even if I’m a Griffindor, I always felt I was actually very Hufflepuffy ;) love y’all

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I don’t know anything about Night Vale but this is beautiful

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The Hollow Crown Series: Shakespeare & Tom Hiddleston.



For some reason, I decided to watch the 2012 BBC The Hollow Crown miniseries recently. Each of the four episodes is one of the following of Shakespeare’s works: Richard II, Henry IV Part 1 and Part 2, and Henry V. I really don’t know why I watched it (lies! Tom Hiddleston is the reason why. He makes a very good Prince Hal and Henry V) but I enjoyed it. This is actually the first time I ever willingly watched or read anything related to Shakespeare. 

Anyway, while I really enjoyed watching the plays, spending over an hour looking for the links wasn’t as fun. So, if anyone else is interested in watching them, I’ve posted some links for them that I know work below.

Note: Just a suggestion but the Putlocker and Sockshare links work the best.

Richard II: Putlocker Sockshare Other

Henry IV Part 1: Putlocker Sockshare NowVideo VideoWeed 

Henry IV Part 2: Putlocker Sockshare VideoWeed VideoBam

Henry V: Putlocker Sockshare NowVideo VideoWeed Youtube 

Let me know if any of the links don’t work and I’ll find the right one!

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